Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls

Baby dolls that are anatomically correct are fun and educational toys for a child. These baby dolls give a child a chance to enjoy many hours of pretend play or to prepare for the arrival of a new real baby in the family. Baby dolls that are anatomically correct are also an important teaching tool for children and adults.

What are the features of anatomically correct baby dolls?
  • Genitalia that looks real - Lifelike baby dolls have external genitalia that looks like the real parts a baby boy or girl has at birth.
  • Appearance of a real newborn child - Lifelike baby dolls look like a new baby, with skin folds, rounded cheeks, umbilical stumps, and curled toes.
  • Clothes or diapers to take off and put on - These baby dolls come with a diaper to put on the baby boy or baby girl. The baby dolls also come with simple clothes such as a hat or pajamas that are easy for a child to put on or take off the toys.
  • Washable - Baby dolls that will be played with are made of washable materials, such as vinyl, silicone, and plastic. This allows the dolls to be sanitized at the end of a play or educational session. The baby dolls can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
How do you choose baby dolls with correct anatomical organs?

There are many options for a lifelike baby boy or girl doll. These toys come in a range of sizes and physical appearances, just like a newborn baby. These tips will help you choose baby dolls that have the features you prefer.

  • Select a sex for the baby doll - Choose a boy or girl baby doll with silicone or vinyl genitalia that looks anatomically correct.
  • Select a doll size - Newborn baby doll toys range in size from 10 inches to 22 inches long.
  • Select an appearance - Choose physical features on newborn baby doll toys such as hair, an umbilical cord stump, blue or brown eyes, jointed shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, and wrinkles or folds in the silicone skin.
How do you use a doll with anatomically correct parts?

A baby doll that has anatomically correct body parts can be played with just like any other baby doll. These dolls come with realistic features such as eyes with eyelashes that open when the doll is seated and close when the doll is laid down. The anatomically correct boy or girl baby dolls also give adults the opportunity to explain the differences between a boys body and a girls body. Anatomically correct newborn baby dolls are helpful teaching tools to show how to put a diaper on a baby, such as during a childbirth education class. These newborn baby dolls may also be used for medical teaching, training, counseling, and other educational purposes.