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Allen Edmonds Oxfords Dress Shoes for Men

Allen Edmonds Strand Oxfords Mens Dress Shoes

Since 1922, the Allen Edmonds Corporation has been making shoes for men. The manufacturer has long designed formal mens footwear that is custom-made and crafted with real leather in a 212-step process, and these shoes include styles like cap toe dress shoes, Oxford shoes, casual footwear and Wingtip models. One of their more popular signature styles is the Strand Oxford, which combines the traditional Oxford look with unique affectations.

What are Strand Oxford mens dress shoes?

Developed specifically by Allen Edmonds, the Strand Oxford is a style of shoe that combines the classic Oxford style with a pattern of decorative perforations designed to enhance the aesthetic of the shoe. These shoes are commonly made with calfskin leather and feature intricate brogue styling for a unique look. To complete the presentation, Allen Edmonds uses their trademark cap-toe medallion along the upper part of the shoe. The Oxford itself is laced and low-cut with a balmoral design. These shoes feature various flourishes that build on the signature design. The Strand Oxford is available in a wide range of colors, including traditional brown and black.

How do you choose these shoes?

Choosing these shoes can be challenging because of the extensive range of sizes and widths offered. Finding the right ones is achievable with this guide:

Know your size: Footwear is available in lengths 6 to 16.

Understand widths: This brands half size increases about one-sixth of an inch. This means each full-size shoe increases by at least one-third of an inch. This means the width increases about three-sixteenths of an inch in girth total.

Choose your correct width and size: Allen Edmonds width size range from the narrowest width, which is AAA, to the widest width, EEE. The medium width size is D. See manufacturer site for details.

How do you care for your Allen Edmonds Oxford footwear?

Calfskin: To keep the luster, use a damp cloth. Wipe the shoes, and then let them dry at room temperature. Coat with polish or cream using a cotton flannel cloth. Let them air dry. Remove excess polish by brushing.

Causal: To keep causal leather looking spectacular, apply aqua-care cream using a soft cotton cloth. Let the shoes air dry. The leather will lighten or darken according to wear.

Patent: Apply leather lotion on them. Use a cotton flannel cloth to get rid of any residue. Buff the shoes using the soft cotton flannel rag.

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