Air Hogs Helicopter Remote Controlled Toys

Air Hogs helicopter remote controlled toys are replica models of civilian and military helicopters and RC drones that are suitable for beginner to expert RC-toy pilots. These remote-flying toys offer RC helicopters that can be piloted up, down, side to side, and even held stationary. Read on to learn more about these RC helicopters so that you can find one to suit your style and needs.

What are some features of Air Hogs Axis 200?

The Air Hogs RC helicopter Axis 200 is a civilian-helicopter toy. It includes a frame that is designed to support all types of landings, ducted propellers, a second stabilizer propeller that aids in the chopper's flight, two replacement rotors, and a rotor-replacement tool to help out in the event of an accident. A second stabilizer propeller also assists in the chopper's flight. Beginner and advanced modes suit all skill levels, and the toy's package also includes:

  • Wi-Fi-based record and streaming video in an app.
  • Four-directional remote controller and charger.
  • A user instruction guide to help with operation for the consumer.
  • The remote control.
What are some features of the Axis 300x?

This collection includes the Air Hogs brand Axis 300x for advanced RC helicopter fliers. Designed for RC-helicopter fliers who have mastered the Air Hogs Axis 200, the Axis 300x comes with full three-channel control and gyroscopic stabilization. In addition to including ducted propellers, it also offers:

  • Wi-Fi-based record and streaming video in the app.
  • Controller with charger.
  • Two spare tail rotors.
  • An instruction guide, including instructions for the remote control.
  • Four AA batteries.
What are the features of the Sharpshooter Long Shot Helicopter?

The Air Hogs remote controlled Sharpshooter Long Shot Helicopter is an RC helicopter that simulates a military helicopter equipped with missiles. It's suitable for users ages 5 and up. Flyers simulate sky-high battles with the Sharpshooter's built-in Air Hogs Sharpshooter long shot and four foam missiles that have ranges up to 20 feet. To assist sky snipers in hitting their targets, the Sharpshooter Long Shot toy helicopter is constructed with two toy-missile launching silos and also includes:

  • Two remote-control frequencies that allow toy fliers to control multiple sharpshooters from the same room.
  • Steady flight technology that allows the sharpshooter to maneuver and hover.
  • Engineering for indoor and outdoor flying.
  • A user instruction guide that shows flying and shooting techniques.