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Finding the Right Windows 7 Laptop for Home or Office Use

When it comes to maximizing usability with portability, many people turn to Acer laptops and netbooks for both their personal and work-related computer needs. Whether you are using your computer for basic web browsing, light gaming, or spreadsheets, a Windows 7 computer or netbook provides you with everything you need to keep going. You can find a wide variety of Windows 7 laptops available on eBay from a wide variety of sellers, as well as many laptop accessories, such as external hard drives, cases, and speakers.

What Does the Acer Aspire Series Offer?

While this company offers a host of notebook series, each with its own specialty, the Aspire series is for all-around computing, as well as professional use. Because of this, it excels in work-related areas, as well as light design work.

  • Computers in this series include the Aspire 7, the Aspire 5, and the Aspire 3, each boasting various specifications, including differing amounts of RAM and CPU power.
  • For users who wants something even more portable, the Aspire One netbook is a very compact choice. The Aspire One netbook is incredibly light, but do not let its size fool you: because it has to power a smaller screen, this computer can be surprisingly speedy, and also offers a pleasing battery life.

Which Specifications Should I Pay Attention to?

The specifications you value are largely based on how you are planning on using the computer.

  • Before you make a purchasing decision, it is a good idea to consider exactly what you will be using this computer primarily for, and then choose a computer designed for that purpose.
  • For example, when you want to use your notebook for gaming, you will want a processor that can keep up with the graphics. Processor speed is measured in GHz, with more GHz equaling faster speeds.
  • When you want to use your notebook to watch movies and other media, screen size becomes incredibly important. These computers range in size from roughly 10 inches to 16 inches corner to corner, depending on the model.

Which Other Features Are Important?

Apart from the specification sheet, there are certain features you may find desirable in a portable computer.

  • To connect your device to a television or projector, an HDMI port is critical. The bulk of portable computers have this, although not all of them.
  • When you have to use your computer for long intervals without charging, you would benefit from a six-cell battery. These batteries are twice the size of normal batteries, and therefore last a great deal longer.

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