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AT&T Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If your home, office, or vehicle has a weak cell signal or no signal at all, a cell phone signal booster might be just what you need to get better service. If your calls routinely drop, you are unable to use mobile data, or just have too weak of a connection to use your phone, signal boosters are a convenient way to help increase your service. This telephone company produces a range of easy-to-use boosters.

What are the different types of signal boosters?
  • Repeaters and amplifiers: These devices require you to mount an antenna onto your home, office, or car that picks up the existing cellular signal in the air around you and will amplify it for you inside your home. This antenna can be useful if you have service outside your house but not inside, and you simply need an antenna to relay the signal. To optimize your cell phone signal, you should place the outside antenna on the roof, where the reception is likely to be strong. The inside antennas can be placed in various rooms as necessary to redistribute the signal.
  • MicroCell booster: The MicroCell design is plugged into your broadband router and uses your high-speed internet connection to create an artificial wireless cell signal. The booster will require the use of your internet connection's bandwidth. However, in cases where you may have no cell service at all, such as in remote, sparsely populated areas, the MicroCell booster can be an effective way to continue using your cell phone. Some versions of MicroCell support speeds up to 4G LTE, but they are available for 3G speeds as well. Your home internet should be capable of at least 15 Mbps download speeds to achieve a signal that can download at 4G LTE speeds with this device.
Do these signal booster work for non-AT&T phones?

These signal repeaters and amplifiers are capable of working compatibly with most phones. The signal booster merely increases the service inside your home. It typically does not discriminate based on which phone carrier you or your guests use. This flexibility makes these boosters a handy option in settings such as offices, where there may be several people with different carriers. MicroCell will only work with AT&T cellular devices, making them useful for families in rural areas that may have no cell service but have several cell phones that use the same carrier.

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