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ASICS Gel-Kayano Men's Shoes Large

About ASICS Gel-Kayano Shoes

ASICS is legendary among runners, not because of celebrity endorsements and flashy promotions, but because the shoes feel great and are designed with runners and athletes in mind. The Gel-Kayano is a perennial favorite among runners who are serious about their miles, and the FlyteFoam Lyte and FlyteFoam Propel technology provide excellent bounce and road feel without sacrificing support. DuoMax tech keeps feet stable no matter the terrain and ASICS's signature gel inserts at the heel and midfoot ensure maximum energy output with every stride. A favorite year after year, the Gel-Kayano is a bestseller for the line and an under-the-radar icon for runners looking to step up their fitness routine.
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ASICS GEL-Kayano Sneakers for Men

ASICS Gel-Kayano Athletic Shoes for Men

Each step someone takes while running or jumping is capable of producing a lot of impact. Running and athletic shoes are designed to provide support and cushioning so that they can absorb some of that impact. ASICS makes a number of different styles of athletic shoes, including several versions of the GEL-KAYANO.

What should you look for when buying running shoes?
  • Stability: Athletic shoes provide a level of stability so that your full body can be supported. An outsole should be able to grip your running surface, even during slightly wet conditions. A shoe like the GEL-KAYANO has a firm, supportive base, and Heel Clutching System technology gives the shoe extra structure.
  • Fit: Your shoe should have a bit of wiggle room. Its recommended that you have about a thumbs width between the front of your shoe and your longest toe so that you wont jam your feet with every step. The heel should fit securely. The GEL-KAYANO has a mesh upper that is slightly flexible, allowing for an adaptive fit.
  • Cushioning: Shoes can range from having thin to thick cushioning. In general, the thicker the cushioning, the more suited it would be for longer runs. In some cases, there is special cushioning material used, such as the Flytefoam and GEL technologies. These are designed to help athletes bounce back with each step.
How does your foot strike affect your shoe choices?

The way your foot contacts the ground can be categorized into three types.

  • Underpronation: This occurs when the outer side of your heel hits the ground and you dont rotate inward immediately after. With each step, youre pushing off on your smaller toes. You might consider using a shoe with high arches to prevent shin splints and ankle strain.
  • Neutral pronation: This situation involves landing on the outside of your heel on a step, then rolling inward slightly. This is considered to be optimal in terms of shock absorption, since your impact is more evenly distributed throughout your foot and leg. If this describes your type of running, you can go for a shoe with normal-size arches.
  • Overpronation: If you land on the outside of your heel and then roll inward excessively, your big toe and second toe end up doing the brunt of the work. You can look for a shoe with low arches.
How do you care for running shoes?

When you properly care for your running shoes, they have the potential to last longer. Here are some tips to keep your shoes well-maintained.

  • Use a damp cloth, mild soap, and warm water to spot clean any stains or dirt.
  • Avoid getting your running shoes wet whenever possible. If they do become wet, let them air dry at room temperature. You can also stuff dry, crumpled up newspaper into wet shoes to absorb the moisture.
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