6 to 6+2 Pin PCI Express Computer Power Cables & Connectors

Improve Graphics Capability with a 6 to 6+2 Pin PCI Express Computer Power Cable Connector

A high-powered GPU may require not only one but two PCI Express (peripheral component interconnect express or PCIe) power supply cables to run. Add another graphics card in your computer and before you know it, you need more PCI Express power cables than what came with your power supply. These 6-pin and 6+2-pin PCIe adapters allow you to juice up your graphics cards without swapping out your power supply unit (PSU).

How can you use 6-pin PCIe adapters?

Since most power supplies come with only one or two PCI Express power cables, you may need more cables to power several video cards. These PCIe adapters allow you to have more cables by splitting off into two equal connector pins. You can hook them up at the end of your power supply PCIe cables to act as several cables.

What kinds of PCI Express power connectors are there?

Because there are so many different types of PSU and graphics processing unit (GPU) combinations in existence, these power adapters can come in all shapes and sizes. The majority of the adapters you will find are 6-pin connectors, which branch off into two different connector pins, although some remain a single power cable for the purpose of converting connection sizes. The sizes of PCIe connectors include:

  • 6 pin
  • 8 pin
  • 6+2 pin (8 pin)
How do you select the right PCI Express power connector?

You will need to check the pin size of your power supply cables and your GPU alike. Note whether they have a 6-pin, 6+2-pin, or 8-pin connection so you can then decide which cables you will need to convert. If you are unsure of what size they are just by looking at them, check the manufacturer manuals of your GPU or PSU.

If you have two video cards with two connector slots each, you will need at least four PCIe power cables of the same size that fit your video cards and two ends that fit in your power supply cords or slots. Some video cards require an 8-pin connector instead of a 6-pin connector. If your video card has that type of connector, then you may need an adapter that converts to an 8 pin from a 6 pin.

How do you manage PCI Express power connector cables?

Computers with PCI Express cables everywhere will clutter up the inside of your computer case, which may obstruct fans and trap heat inside. If it gets too hot inside your case, you may notice a drop in performance from your graphics card, processor, or other components. To manage PCIe cables, you can use cable sleeves, tie cords together with plastic zip ties, or secure the cables to anchor points inside the case.