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What You Need to Know About the 6-Core i7 3rd Gen Computer Processor

The Coffee Lake Core i7 is the next generation of Intel's processors. This is the bridge processor taking the CPU line from quad-core to 6-core. It contains hyper-threading, which allows the Core i7 to perform multiple tasks at the same time - pay your bills online and play your favorite video game.

What socket does a motherboard need to be compatible?

There are several boards that are compatible with this type of processor, and they have various configurations. These processors are intended to be used with motherboards that have an LGA 1151 socket, but they are only compatible with the 300-series chipsets. It is important to check the board prior to purchasing it to make sure that this processor will work with it.

How many 6-Core i7 processors are in the line?

Currently, there are three i7 6-Core desktop CPUs and two mobile processors available in this line. The base clock rate for the desktop processors ranges from 2.4 GHz to 3.7 GHz, and the mobile clock rate range is from 2.2 GHz to 2.2 GHz.

  • Model 8700K - Desktop
  • Model 8700 - Desktop
  • Model 8700T - Desktop
  • Model 8850H - Mobile
  • Model 8750H - Mobile
What are the features of the Coffee Lake processor series?

There have been several changes that Intel has implemented with this generation of processors. A few of the architecture changes that have taken place are:

  • Increased core count: This is up from four to six.
  • Turbo clock speeds: This has been increased.
  • DDR3: This is no longer supported by the Coffee Lake series.
  • GPU clock speeds: Speeds have increased by 50 MHz.
Does the 3rd Gen series have a GPU?

A GPU is a graphics processing unit. This series does have integrated graphics in the processor. Therefore, it does have a unit built into the processor. This series uses the UHD 630 as its graphics processing unit. It is a GT2 tier, and it has a base clock of 350 MHz.

Are these CPUs compatible with AMD graphic cards?

AMD graphic cards are compatible with these CPUs as long as they are both compatible with the motherboard being used. Depending on the version of this processor, it might have its own graphics processing unit, but it is powerful enough to run these graphic cards with ease for people who want to use their PCs for higher-quality processes, like gaming.