Look Here to Find Your 5x7 Car Speakers

The vehicle you drive requires special speakers that fit its engineering. You will also need to manage the raw power in your car's sound system. The new and pre-owned 5x7 speakers available on eBay are designed for use in vehicles and provide power in an unobtrusive way.

How are these speakers polarized for quality?

The 5x7 speakers are magnetically charged to create an uninterrupted signal. The continual flow of power captures an audio signal, and then cycles it for a rapid output from the speakers. The crisp, clear sound of 5x7 speakers is a result of this process. These speakers rely on electrical signals that get magnified and then passed through the speaker's diaphragm. Sound then expands as it reaches our ears. Being polarized means that these work with little distortion, direct volume control, and vast tonal ranges. Polarity enables the speakers to process sound quickly.

Which direct controls does a 5x7 speaker have?

You immediately have bass, treble, drive, and volume from the controls provided in your car. The knobs on your dashboard give you control over the final output. The settings of 5x7s are flexible for large spaces, tight corners, or as replacements in your sound system. Here's a better look at the range of tones that you can manage from the dash:

  • Treble: High pitches are the result of tweeters built into the speaker's system. This range is ideal for sounds like a sharp horn and won't need a large diaphragm to amplify.
  • Bass: The lowest tones in an audio signal are possible through a large woofer that 'woofs,' thuds, and pops with low frequencies.
  • Volume and drive: Volume is thrown into the mix when altering tone and can be used to diversify how your sound is played. Drivers work along with volume and create middle tones for the bulk of the sounds in a speaker.
Is it necessary to have a direct power source?

Power is important, but you don't need a direct source as long as you can connect with the electric line in your vehicle. Please refer to your user's manual for more details. Connecting to a car's power means you always have the right amount of energy. The 5x7 range can be used for door replacements and over-head mounts. Refer to your vehicle's user's manual to get a better idea of how your stereo system was initially engineered.