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Four-Post Open Frame Server Racks for Easy Server Access

When you operate and maintain a network, it's wise to set everything up for security and convenience. Open frame server racks can make life with a network so much easier since they make it easy to install hardware, maintain your servers, and provide unrestricted air flow. eBay has a wide selection of four-post open frame rack servers to choose from, so you can make your server room or data center more user-friendly for both you and your business employees.

What is a four-post server rack?

These server racks are convenient housing for your servers. Mostly open frame racks, they provide an economical solution to enclosed cabinets. They are commonly used for cabling, intermediate distribution points, patching frames, and similar large installation purposes. Many four-post racks include screen doors in the front and back for access and cooling purposes. The four-post gives the rack stability so it can hold more weight and safely house most type of devices.

What are the advantages of using open frame server racks?

Using the concept of less is more, many four-post open frame server racks offer the following benefits:

  • Easy installation: The hardware mounting process is much easier with open frame server racks than that of enclosed cabinets. When you're dealing with an enclosed server rack, it's possible you'll have to remove panels and struggle to securely mount the hardware. With four-post open frame racks, the process is easy, and you can install mounting brackets from whatever angle you like.
  • Maintenance: With no walls on the four-post server rack, the hardware is easily accessible from all sides, even with the server hardware installed. Whether you have to change cables or remove a mounted server, it's easy to do so.
  • Organization: Servers in use often have dozens of cables running between equipment units. The open frame racks make it easier to organize the cables and keep them from becoming a problem.
  • Ventilation: Since too much heat can damage hardware, open frame server racks offer a lot of ventilation to prevent heat buildup and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Affordability: four-post server racks often cost less than their enclosed counterparts and are less heavy to keep shipping costs down too.
How do you choose the right server rack?

When selecting a new server rack, make sure you have all the information you need to make the purchase. You must consider what needs to be stored in the rack, the physical space you have available, and your budget. Also, keep future business growth in mind when searching for a new rack.