What to See Out of a 3D Case for iPhone 6

While you could get a traditional phone case for your iPhone 6, you have the choice to get something a little more dynamic. A 3D printed case is a nice cover to have for your iPhone. All you need is a printer that can handle 3D designs for your Apple device and your idea of what to get out of your phone case.

How Is It Made?

A 3D printer will help you produce a special iPhone case. The process of getting a 3D printed case ready requires a few steps:

  1. A model must be prepared. You can get a basic case model produced, but you can also look around online for 3D models to use for yourself.
  2. A computer program will review the submitted printable model and figure out the layout that you will install.
  3. The basic case is then produced by a 3D printer through a filament. This compound is heated and arranged in a shape based on what the computer model states. The filament should also come in a color that fits your needs, although some dyes should work on the surface.
  4. The new gear case should be complete.

The timing for producing your new iPhone 6 case will vary based on the complexity of the cover you are ordering. Printers can operate to where you should get your new iPhone cover ready in just a few minutes.

What Designs Work?

You can use many 3D designs for your iPhone case. These are a few of the most popular examples you can enjoy having:

  • Cut-Outs. A cut-out print entails a smartphone cover that features a distinct pattern been cut from a base mold. The printer would create the case off of a basic shape and then customize it by not filling in specific spaces, thus producing the cut style.
  • Realistic. Your case can be 3D printed to look like another item. Your phone case might look like a digital camera or as a vintage miniature book.
  • Whimsical. Add a bit of fun to your iPhone 6 Plus case. You can create a base that makes your modern phone look like an older phone with a traditional number pad and dot matrix screen, for example.
  • Functional. Make your phone case useful for something beyond just keeping your iPhone 6 protected. Add a small compact mirror to the side, for instance.
  • Protruding Features. Some protruding points may be included in your case to make it stand out. These include table-like legs on the corners. You can use this accessory to display your phone in style.

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