3.6V Pilas Recargables multiuso de litio

Save with Rechargeable Batteries

If you are forever changing batteries in your electronic devices, then using rechargeable batteries and investing in a charger might be a good solution. Lithium ion or li-ion batteries with a 3.6 V capacity keep performing well over longer periods of time in a variety of domestic and commercial applications.

What is the difference between a lithium and li-ion battery?

The main difference between lithium and lithium ion batteries is that most lithium batteries cannot be charged unlike rechargeable li-ion batteries. A lithium battery is a battery that uses lithium in its pure metallic form. A Li-ion battery uses lithium compounds that are much more stable than pure lithium. A lithium battery should never be recharged while lithium ion batteries can be.

What different types of li-ion batteries can I buy?

Lithium ion cells can be found in various types. These batteries are made by manufacturers such as Samsung, Nitecore, LG, and many others. Some of these different types are:

  • Li-ion AA Battery. AA batteries are commonly used in portable electronic equipment. These batteries have long been used in flashlights and electrical novelty toys, so using batteries that are rechargeable makes economic sense.
  • Li-ion AAA Battery. These are most often used in low-drain electronic devices, such as TV remote controls, MP3 players, and digital cameras.
  • Li-ion Button Top Battery. These flat, disk-shaped 3.6 V batteries are small enough to be used in control panels, wireless Bluetooth headsets, emergency lights, hand-held flashlights, watches, and smart meters.
  • Pouch Lithium Battery. These rechargeable batteries have a flat body such as those used in cell phones and newer laptops. They are also referred to as li-ion polymer or lithium polymer batteries.
  • Lithium 18650 Battery. This battery is widely used, especially in older laptops, e-book readers, digital camcorders, and digital cameras.

How do you store a lithium ion battery?

A li-ion rechargeable battery can hold its charge for many months. It is recommended that these batteries are stored with a partial or full charge. Occasionally the voltage of a battery with a very low charge can drop slowly to below the level where it cannot be recharged with a charger. If a battery is going to be stored for many months, then it should be taken out and recharged after a few months. It is even better to use the battery occasionally and then to leave it partially or fully recharged.