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Add a 1u Rack Shelf to Your Home or Office Shelving Unit

A standard 19 1U rack shelf can be mounted to any open frame cabinet. Open racks provide easier maintenance, cleaning, and air flow. 1U rack storage for your network components can be a great way to protect your equipment and can be found in this eBay collection.

How can a rack mount shelf protect your equipment?

An open rack system is an ergonomic option for any office. Most office standards place the equipment on the floor, a desk, or in a locked cabinet. The 1U rack space can hold your equipment in multiple configurations preventing damage to the components and safety of the users. Some ways an open rack system can protect your equipment are:

  • Safety - Cables and cords are safely out of the way, preventing tripping hazards and damage.
  • Design - The open airflow design can prevent overheating which can slow performance and damage delicate inner workings.
  • Accessibility - The accessibility allows for easy maintenance and cleaning without disconnection or moving furniture.
  • Maintenance - Removing the components from the floor prevents wear and tear of the housing from contacts with shoes or other belongings.
  • Stability - This reduces the chance of the network unit from being knocked over or spilled liquids damaging the inner components.
What should you consider when choosing a 1U rack?

There are some questions you should consider when choosing or designing an open rack system for your network components. The point of the purchase is to extend the life of your equipment through the ease of use, safety, and accessibility. Here are some questions to ask about your potential uses for the unit:

  • Will the unit be housed in an air-conditioned office space, a warehouse that experiences heat exposure, or access to outside elements like humidity?
  • Is there dust or debris that may be pulled into the equipment?
  • Is it accessible to people not authorized to manipulate the equipment?
  • What standards need to be met by the regulatory commissions like the FCC for radio frequency interference?
  • Will the size be sufficient for long-term use?
What components can be supported on a 19-inch shelf?

1U rack shelf dimensions are 1.75 inches thick and 19 inches wide, which is the standard width of server cabinets. The four-post mounted rack can hold up to 22 pounds of network equipment, audio components, or KVM switches. Some models can slide out or wall mount to accommodate the needs of the housing space.