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The Many Uses of a 19-Inch Wall-Mount Rack

The 19-inch wall-mount rack can be used to install many different items on your walls. They can be used to hold gaming consoles, routers, and other heat-generating electronic accessories. There are several different rack styles available in this size on eBay.

How much weight can a 19-inch wall-mount rack hold?

The rack's maximum weight capacity depends on the individual unit you purchase. Most racks will have a weight limit of anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds. You can find the exact specifications for the rack in the product description. It's important to follow the weight restrictions exactly as they are stated to prevent damage to your walls and to your hanging electronics.

Do these wall mount racks require assembly?

Some of the mounts may require some basic assembly whereas others come fully assembled and ready to install. Those that do require assembly should include the hardware needed to assemble the piece. To put your affordable wall-mount rack together, you may need one or more of the following tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power driver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Set of drill bits
Do the racks come with installation hardware?

Some of these new racks include the hardware needed for installation. You can find exact information about what's included with the rack in the eBay product description. The installation process will vary based on the location where you're installing the rack. You may need a stud locator to help you find a wall stud to complete secure installation on your wall. Other items that may be required are anchors for mounting without a stud and screws designed to hold up the designated weight for the rack. Be sure to closely follow the installation instructions for your specific rack for a secure mount on your wall.

What are some ways to use the 19-inch wall-mount rack?

A 19-inch wall-mount rack is designed to provide you with extra space to keep electronic items within reach of your TV or other electronic system. These racks can hold items like servers, routers, and other networking equipment. Some racks are ideal for mounting underneath your desk or work space and are small enough to be mounted within your reach without taking up wall space above your work area. Most of these wall-mounted racks have a design that provides better air circulation. This works well for all types of electronics that generate heat because it helps prevent them from overheating during extended periods of use.