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Choosing the Right 18U Rack

An 18U rack can be used to store different types of IT equipment. Wall-mounted 18U cabinets are ideal in rooms where you have limited floor space for housing your servers and equipment. There are several different types of these cabinets available on eBay for purchase.

What can be kept in an 18U rack?

These racks are designed to hold different types of technological equipment. They are good for for those who are into gaming or for those who work from home and have large servers and other types of equipment. These racks can hold various amounts of weight, from several hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds. It all depends on the unit you choose.

What should you know when installing these rack on walls?

Some of these racks are specifically designed for wall installation while others are floor-standing models. If you wish to mount your rack onto the wall, you should find one that says it can be mounted on the wall. This information can be found in the product description. Due to the weight of the rack and the equipment you will be putting inside, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for wall mounting to ensure your equipment is secure.

What should you look for when choosing an 18U rack?

These racks come with several optional features that can make them more functional for your tech setup at your home or work place. The following information can help you choose the right rack for your space based on your needs and the available features. Many choices are available on eBay.

  • Cooling fan - Helps keep your equipment cool
  • Locking doors - Work well in a setting where you need extra security measures
  • Tempered glass doors - Add another layer of protection for your equipment
  • Adjustable mounting depths - Give you options when mounting different types of equipment
  • Vents - Provide extra air circulation
What are the benefits of using this type of rack?

An 18U rack is specifically designed to house electronic equipment, especially the pieces that put off heat and can get warm quickly. This type of rack is made to provide the equipment with plenty of air circulation to prevent overheating. These racks are made of heavy-duty materials so they can hold the equipment securely. Most of these cabinet-style racks have vents on the sides or front to help promote air circulation and keep the equipment cool so that it functions properly.