1.2V NiCd Multipurpose Rechargeable Batteries

Sub C Rechargeable Batteries NiCd 1 2 V

Rechargeable batteries play an important role in providing power to power tools, RC toys, and other devices. Selecting the right battery can be overwhelming with the number of options available. Understanding the different types of rechargeable batteries can be helpful in the selection process.

What is a Sub C battery?

Sub C rechargeable batteries look similar to C cell batteries. They contain both a positive and negative terminal located on opposite ends of the battery. Sub C batteries can vary in length from 26 mm in diameter up to 50 mm and will be denoted by a cell type. Sub-C batteries can be charged with either AC power or solar power depending on the charger used. Sub-C batteries are designed to provide 1.2 volts of power.

What types of Sub C rechargeable batteries are there?
  • NiCd batteries: NiCd batteries provide a consistent voltage throughout their charge. When not in use, the NiCd battery is designed to retain its charge for a period of time and has a low discharge rate. These batteries are used in battery packs for wireless phones, cordless power tools, and other devices.
  • NiMH batteries: This type of battery has a high self-discharge rate and is used with devices that require higher amounts of power and are used frequently. These batteries have a high capacity and are used in devices such as digital cameras or music players.
How do you choose a Sub C NiCd rechargeable battery?
  • Select a size: Choose a size that will fit inside the device that the battery will be used in. The product manual or device may have the size listed, or you can reference the old battery.
  • Choose a rating: A Sub-C rechargeable battery is rated in amp hours. For NiCd batteries, select a rating of 2,400 mAh or higher.
  • Select a charging method: You can select from AC-powered or solar-powered chargers. Solar-powered chargers provide a portable charging option and AC chargers can be used wherever you have access to an electric socket.
  • Choose a brand: Several battery manufacturers produce Sub-C batteries, and there are also unbranded and generic options available as well.
What are Sub C rechargeable batteries with tabs?

This type of Sub-C rechargeable battery will have a metal tab welded onto the terminals. This allows multiple rechargeable batteries to be connected together and charged at the same time. This type of battery is used in custom-sized battery packs. The tabs will usually be made of nickel, and the thickness of the tab can vary at 2 mm or more.